Have you recently graduated from college, either a few days ago or a couple years ago? CONGRATULATIONS!!


Do you live in the Raleigh/ Durham/ Chapel Hill or surrounding areas? Is your college apartment lease almost up, and now have you thinking about whether you want to rent again, or make the move to buy your first home - yet you’re just not sure how to even get started with the home buying process? If this sounds like you though, don’t worry because you’re not alone! I know before I got into real estate I had no clue what that looked like. 


Some of the biggest questions and concern that people purchasing a home have is “How much can I afford?” or “Should I buy a home or sign another lease?” followed by “What does the home buying process look like?”  and "Where and how do I get started?" With that being said, if you have even once thought of whether it would benefit you to buy a home vs rent again, then I know you must have a lot of questions!

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Ask yourself, would you rather put a mortgage payment towards something that is YOURS as an investment, rather than pay a similar amount in rent to someone else that you’ll never see again? Does the thought of owning a home excite you rather than scare you?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it would be most advantageous to sit down with a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent in your area and have a conversation with them about how the buying process works. And that’s where I come in!


Here at the Kima Real Estate Group, we pride ourselves on being as a resource for YOU. Our goal is to answer your questions and allow you to make an informed decision on your own unique situation, get you in contact with trusted mortgage professionals that we’ve worked with for years to discuss your options. If now is the right time for home ownership, we’d love to be the ones who guide you through that process. If renting is best for you for another year or two – that’s okay, too. When it is time for you to buy, we hope to earn your business then. Either way, we want to be your resource for what’s right for YOUR situation and allow you to make the best and most informed decision.


Come grab a cup of coffee with me! Let’s sit down to simply discuss how buying a home really works, if it is the right thing for you to do at this time, and put you in contact with someone who can help you decide what you can afford financially (don't rely on those mortgage calculators you see...there's a whole lot more involved in making a decision than those)!


Contact us today and let me show you the real pros and cons of buying your first home vs. continuing to rent for another year.